We call ourselves "Half Past Sixers" for simple reason because we meet at half past six every saturday morning at West Lake Avenue for a run to keep fit and have fellowship with one another. Please join us!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

25km this Sat!

Please be reminded of Sat's HPS run.

Same meeting time: 6.30am
Same meeting place: Westlake Ave road junction

This Sat's route: 28th Oct Sat -> **25km WL -> Peirce -> Seletar Res + 1 round -> WL
Next Sat will be the height of our preparation doing the 32km run!
** Yew Song, you must turn up OK?
Yin Yin needs your talk of encouragement. She is going all out
to do the full marathon this time. What she needs is confidence.
And doing the 32km will be what she needs!

Tuesday Hari Raya we did our run at Labrador Park.
11 runners turned up:
-> Jo, Florence, Rebecca, Yin Yin, June, Choy Mei, Peng Hong, David, Boon, Richard, Kenneth

We did the route from Labrador Park -> Hyderabad Rd -> Kent Ridge Park -> Broad Walk
-> DSO -> NUS Hon Swee Sen Library -> Haw Par Villa -> Pasir Panjang -> Labrador
Estimated distance 18km

It was a good run with great weather. PSI was at 40s. So very comfortable.
Boon, Rebecca, Florence etc even did the extra staring from 5.30am running
from Labrador Park to World Trade centre & back! My salute to them.

The highest award goes to Jo!! She actually ran back home from Labrador Park!!!!
She is definitely living up to her name as the "Recylced Teen" !!!

See you all on Sat!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Deepavali Run

Hi all,

We will meet at the usual place this Sat Deepavali holidays!!

Same meeting place: Westlake Ave road junction
Same meeting time: 6.30am

We will be doing 21st Oct Sat -> **23km!

Probable route:
WL -> Upper Thomson -> Seletar toilet -> Upper Peirce -> SICC -> 3km trail

Last Sat Jo & Daphne "flew aeroplanes" on us!
So I hope to see them this Sat. Jo, you better turn up or your money will be confiscated! hahaha....

Monday, October 09, 2006

Run on 14th Oct

Yes, I know its only Monday! hahaha.....
After discussing, I think lets do a different route this Sat!
We shall meet at a different location ie my place and start from there.
That is why I need to inform you early!

Meeting place: Springleaf gardens (my place)
Meeting time: 6.30am 14th Oct Sat

Anybody who needs direction to my place, please write to me.
Do feel free to invite your friends. It would be great if you could
inform me so that I can prepare more refreshments if necessary.

We will run *25km* according to the plan.

This will be the running routes:

1. Springleaf -> Selatar Resr + 1 round -> Zoo -> back
-> Seletar Resr + 1 round -> Springleaf
(this will be ~20km already)!

2. Springleaf -> Old Upper Thomson Road
-> Gate of Upper Peirce Resr + 1st hill
-> back to Springleaf
(this will be 5km)

So 1 + 2 will be 25km!

This route will be very good to cater for the various groups:

a. For those who are running the full marathon, make sure you do 1 + 2!!
(Jo, Boon, Peng Hong, Richard, Yew Song etc.)

b. For those who are running the Half, route 1 will be sufficient!
(The biggest group of runners! hahaha...)

c. For those who want to do even less, skip the 1 round Seletar Reservoir
on the way to & back from the zoo. That will make 16km!

Of course, whether you are doing 1 + 2 or 1 or 0.5,
all will end at my place for REFRESHMENTS & get together!

See you all on Sat!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Seletar Reservoir Run on 7th Oct (Saturday)

We will do the "7th Oct Sat -> **23km" this Sat!!

** 23km - run to the Seletar Reservoir + 1 ROUND & back!
For those who want to do shorter (not doing the full marathon), you can just run to my place & back to WL. That will be good!

As usual, I will prepare bananas & drinks at my place.
Same meeting time: 6.30am
Same meeting place: Westlake Ave road junction
Rebecca, do not worry, it will be chicken feet for you...

Captain Kenneth

Saturday, September 30, 2006

WL to BT Report 30 Sep

Hi everybody,

Today we had a good run!

Runners: Yin Yin, Jo, John, David, Nelson, Boon, Richard, Kenneth

Xiu Li & June "flew aeroplane" on us. Jen Lim is still recovering from her little sickness. (every week has 1 new one. hahahaha...) 3 ladies missing, no wonder today's run had less inspiration.

We just missed Patrick Goh by less than 1 minute.
I supposed he did a shorter route after that. Sorry!!!!

Yes, Kim & Jyoti were there at 6.30am going for their walk. Hope they will recover soon to join us running again! Probably they were laughing in their heart:

"Why are these people so goon-do doing a 20km run? For what?"
"Just to punish themselves? Its better to do brisk walking like us......"

We were very happy to see a new comer today - John Yam!! He was introduced to HPS by Boon and he turned out to be university school mate of Richard. Real small world.....

And David, who was MIA for a long time, turned up today!! Nice to see him again.

We did the WL -> Bukit Timah Nature Reserves -> WL route!

Total 20km. This was only the 2nd time that I have done it. More often I took a bus back from BT. hahaha... The weather was wonderful just like last Sat! That made the run much easier for us. Still it was very tough. I still had to do my normal Sat routines after the run. So my battery is very very weak now. Really hope that I will not fall sick..........

Yin Yin had to go off early so she parted at the Rangers' toilet. She ran round the MR. 12+km at least. Well done. But its not enough for the Full marathon leh!! Trying to scare her a bit.... hahahahaha.....

As usual, our recycled teen Jo did much more. She & Richard went all the way to the top of BT hill. And Nelson was basically running a race of his own. Too fast for anybody to catch up with him. He actually made David worried that this HPS was too fast for him. That is the best thing about HPS. We have really different level of runners and that make it very easy for all to fit in!

This was the 1st time for John to do the Bukit Timah route. And definitely the last time he did a 20km run was many many years ago!! Well, he had completed it! Well done!!

Hope to see him & David more often!

best regards


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Run to Bukit Timah this Sat!

Hi all,

HPS run on Sat again!

Same meeting place: Westlake Ave Road junction
Same meeting time: 6.30am Sat 30th Sep
Running route: WL -> Upper Thomson -> SICC -> Bukit Timah trail -> Rifle Range Road -> Bukit Timah Nature Reserves visitor centre -> Back to WL

This will be a 20km run!!
Last Sat we had a turn out of 12 runners.
Very good.

Runners: Yin Yin, June, Esther, Rebecca, Boon, Peng Hong, Patrick Lee, Patrick Goh, Yew Song, Edwin, Richard, Kenneth

Esther & June joined us. Very nice to see the sisters again and to find out more of Esther's latest challenges. Well, she did not disappoint us. She will be in China this week over the weekend for a 3 days' adventure race. Up against an international field of athletes that include the strongest man from HK. Our repsect to Esther & we wish her a very good & safe trip!! Take care!
The basic route was from WL -> Seletar toilet -> back.

Richard, Yew Song & Edwin were so strong. They did extra by going round Seletar reservoir. I can see the excitement of Richard for the coming marathon. He is just fantastic considering that he does not run much on weekdays!

For Esther, it was basically a Relax & Recovery run for her! haha.....
I led a group of 4 runners to take the short cut on the way back. We went straight along the Upper Thomson road instead of using the longer Old Upper Thomson road. That was 1km less.
Luckily I have the company of June, Rebecca & Yin Yin. So it was perfectly OK! hahaha...

It has been a while for me to run more than 10km. I was practically flat out when I reached home. It was so tiring. Now thinking about the full 42km seems impossible!!!!!

Kim & Jennifer are still recovering from their flu & little sickness. Hope they will be fine for this Sat's run! Looking forward to see them again!

And Jo, you better turn up as you are the one asking for this BT run! We made the adjustment for you last Sat but you were missing.......

errrrrrrrr.......... hahahaha..................

best regards


Monday, September 18, 2006

Capitano was absent with leave to protest in Taipei. We hope to hear from him when he is back next week. Kim was also away in Vietnem. Jyoti was still nursing her knee pain. Jen was having her usual beauty sleep and without Captano mornig call, did not turn up.

Bunny turn up for the 2nd consecutive weeks and was doing very fine with 18km. I suspected that she had recovered fully now. Patrick Goh, Yin Yin, Bunny and Boon did 18km after being conned to run a little extra.

Jos, Myscholar, PowerPeng2, Richard and Yew Song ran an extra 3km by going to the end of Old Upper Thomson Rosd and also round MR. They did 20km instead.

Dr Koh was in no mood to run because his trainee did not turn up to motivate him. He limped for maybe about 6km and waited for us until we finished. Actually he twisted his ankle. All exceed the targeted 17km. I believed they are all asking for more and want to be better prepared for the marathon.

For the coming 20km, we should do one to Bukit Timah Hill and back.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

9 Sep 2006 Run to prep for MARATHON

Please be reminded of our HPS run.

Same meeting time: 6.30am Sat 9 Sep 2006
Same meeting place: Westlake Ave road junction

Running route: 14+km
WL -> Upper Thomson -> Peirce -> SICC -> 3km trail -> WL

Do turn up & we will work towards the year end marathon together.

Remember your mid week runs!!

Captiano Kenneth

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Private shoe SALE!

A special operations secret agent of the HPS Running Group has leaked out some valuable information to us. So keep this secret and only to yourself because its a "Private Sale only for Privilleged Customers"

I'll be down this Friday at 11:30am to check it out. If you already have something in mind (model and size). Call me and I'll do my best to get it for you if not we could all visit there on Saturday after our run.

Planet Mark
going to Desaru this Sunday for a ride.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

About the run on 2 Sep

Hi all,

We had a good run yesterday.
The turn out was quite small & there were more male than female runners.
Yew Song, take note! hahahaha......

Runners: Yong Peng, Yin Yin, Xiu Li, Richard, Patrick Goh, Peng Hong, Boon, Kenneth

Yong Peng as usual left us early due to her school commitment. The rest of us ran the 14+km until Richard encouraged us to change course for the longer distance! So sorry to Yin Yin as we couldn't inform her. My apology! Hope she didn't wait for us too long at the 3km trail end point.

Instead of taking the 3km trail after the Ranger's toilet, we took the other way round the MR (to the tower & broadwalk & to the carpark). That will be something like 17+km ~ 18km !! Hurray!! Well, Xiu Li felt very satisfied with the extended run & she is now set to complete the Half Marathon (from 10km)!!

Yin Yin is defintely having the Full marathon on her mind. Lets encourage her to do it this year!!

We are still discussing on the distance build up for the Marathon. I will send out the email on the final plan this week. Important thing is that you will need to do regular mid week runs! Saturday long runs are NOT enough for you to do just ok for the marathon. No short cuts.....


Best regards